How Galeries Lafayette improved its store margins per square meter thanks to a digital showroom

Galeries Lafayette, a major player in luxury & fashion and a model in omnichannel commerce, has adapted to the market's increasing digitalization and to customers new expectations. The brand now offers endless aisle and optimized its points of sales surfaces by setting up digital showrooms in their stores.

Galeries Lafayette's challenges:

Galeries Lafayette invented the "luxury bazaar" concept and is a symbol of department stores, with 60 physical stores in France and all over the world. The Group adapted to the rise of e-commerce, today a major part of the average purchase journey and has a strong digital presence.

Even though customers still go in stores, it is mainly to find a real added value, a unique and innovative experience that justifies their physical movement. Brands that don't adapt will likely see e-commerce completely replace physical commerce in their revenue, or lose customers that will switch to a brand with a more modern purchase journey.

To guarantee points of sales growth and keep making clients loyal to store visit, Galeries Lafayette searched for a quick way to galvanize existing stores by exploring the "phygital" concept. Another stake of the Group was to make available for sale products that it would be too costly to spring up in some geographic areas because of insufficient sales volumes.

Galeries Lafayette - ecrans

Wynd's solution: digital showroom

Galeries Lafayette set up a digital showroom within the leather goods space in its physical stores. The brand provides its clients an interactive and innovative experience, while offering endless aisle and ways to retrieve products never seen before in a store.

The project with Wynd was made in 3 months and resulted in the first test store near Paris, followed by deployments on other points of sales from the Galerie Lafayette network.

The brand thus reorganized its leather goods spaces into showrooms with one specimen of each product, with a digital kiosk for autonomous order and payment. The application can be taken on a seller tablet to offer more payment spaces and bring more counsel in stores.

All software tools needed to create this new purchase journey were already in place within Galerie Lafayette's information system, or are components simply added by Wynd thanks to a secure API system.

Digital showroom : client satisfaction and endless aisle

When coming into the store, clients enjoy a double experience. On the one hand, they explore physical sensations by looking, touching, trying on the specimen presented on the shelves. On the other hand, they have access to a digital store displaying on a wide screen all of Galeries Lafayette's product catalogue. The Wynd front automatically gathers all product information from the PIM as well as stock levels both in warehouses and stores, from the Stock Management application.

Clients are autonomous and can go from on channel to another: test in real life a product seen on screen, look in the kiosk for a variation of a product seen on a shelf...

Once decided, a client selects its articles on the digital kiosk to place their order. It is transmitted to the OMS, which offers in real time options to retrieve products: 24h delivery, click-and-collect in another store, click-and-collect in the same store... The complete order with its delivery options is transmitted from the OMS to all parties for it to be quickly and efficiently prepared and delivered, thus delivering the promise that was made.


Galeries Lafayette

Results: key figures

in additional revenue

new clients

3 months
to deploy the solution

Click & Collect

Express delivery