How Carrefour set up, in 3 months, an Express Delivery journey to deliver orders to their client's home in less than an hour

Carrefour, european leader in mass retail, quickly adapted to the evolution of their clients needs to provide a quick and easy way to buy consumer goods. The brand faces the new competition of Amazon Prime Now by setting up an Express Delivery journey, based on existing points of sale, with only light investments.

Carrefour's challenges:

Consumption habits have been changing in the last years: physical and digital channels are mixed, new innovations appear regularly in the retail market... Consequently, mass retail evolved, resulting for instance in a democratization of Drive purchase journeys.

Unfortunately, this is not enough anymore to face competition from a new player: Amazon and its Prime Now delivery, which home delivers fresh goods in 2 hours.

Carrefour reacted to avoid the pitfalls of this new situation, such as client loss or average basket decrease (a customer could buy fresh goods from Amazon while remaining a Carrefour client where the rest of its purchases are concerned).

The brand thus looked for an innovative solution to improve its clients satisfaction and loyalty, and to capture more sales by setting up an offer more exhaustive than its competitor's while optimizing resources and logistics costs.


Wynd's solution: Express Delivery

Wynd provided Carrefour with a turnkey solution to set up an Express Delivery service, thanks to which clients get their products (fresh or not) delivered at home in one hour.

Carrefour and Wynd deployed this innovative project in 3 months only without rebuilding all of the brand's information system nor changing deeply its operating methods.

All Express Delivery orders are prepared in Carrefour's existing neighborhood stores network, filling up the inactive time of sales teams with new missions with strong added value and improving disposal of stock.

Carrefour's information system got new software components (OMS, business application...) that were easily, quickly and safely connected to any pre-existing tools and solutions.

Express Delivery journey: client satisfaction and logistics optimization

A client looks for products and orders online, thanks to the Wynd digital platform implemented on Carrefour's website. The solution finds the store closest to the client's address and makes sure teams are available thanks to the Wynd capacity planning app. The Stock Management solution then displays, in real time, products available in stocks and for delivery.

They then select the product they want and pay online. The order is received by the Wynd OMS and sent to the store for preparation. The Wynd Picking app immediately shows the most optimized picking path to prepare the order in time; sales teams fill in the completion's progress and handle substitutions if needed through this same app.

This information is sent to our partner Stuart, last-mile delivery expert, which sends a delivery person to the store to get the completed order. The client is delivered in an hour, so is Carrefour's promise! 


Results: key figures

in incremental revenue

3 months
to deploy the solution

in sales team productivity