Our solution for omnichannel unified stock management

Improving stock reliability and unifying points of sale and warehouses thanks to Stock Manager.



Wynd introduces the essential tool to handle omnichannel stocks, which connects to all existing information systems.

Key functionalities


Access in real time the state of your stocks within every store, warehouse, supplier...


Associate each product to a space in your stores, which were previously modeled in the solution

Security stock

Manage the parameters of your security stock for each purchase journey

Barcodes & RFID

Gain time in addressing, picking and inventory thanks to barcode scanning and RFID chips


Automatically trigger purchase orders to your suppliers

Our Stock Management app is available on Android and iOS
Assets of unified stock

Benefits for the retailer

Stock optimisation is a major stake to improve margins, limit unsold stock and raise revenue.

By providing a global vision of all storage points to both the manager and the OMS, Wynd Stock Management makes stock replenishment and rotation easier.

The concept of unified stock allows to capture more sales: the e-commerce website can spread its product range by using stock from both stores and warehouses.

Connected to other tools like OMS or Picking, the application enables the optimisation of in store picking paths for better order execution.

Benefits for the retailer's clients

Stock management allows for a better order success rate, for an improved customer experience.

Customers get more choices, thanks to a better product distribution among the points of sale and a reduction in stockout rates.


in revenue

in stock-related costs

in inventory accuracy 

in client loyalty

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More than 100 clients trust our solution in France and all over the world