Our vision: omnichannel, the future of retail

From a Multichannel Retail...
Retail has changed and retailers had to adapt.
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To an Omnichannel Retail… 
Wynd believes in a retail that, rather than adapting, is actually reinventing itself.

… for an Intelligent Retail
Wynd develops and invests in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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Wynd's values

At Wynd, we are driven by deep values that shape how we work every day.
Since the creation of the company, they have enabled our employees to fulfil themselves and
 gather around a common goal: to build tomorrow’s business with our customers.


Trust expresses itself in the privileged bonds we build with our clients and partners, within the frame of a lasting relationship. It unites us and inspires us to grow together, on the long term, through a common project.

Continuous learning

In a constantly evolving market where innovation is exponential, we make a point in renewing ourselves and sharing our knowledge. That is why we give our employees the means to train themselves to meet their daily challenges and to value their profession.


Collaboration is in our company's DNA. Our teams are organized to exchange views quickly and efficiently. Regarding both product strategy and client relation, we believe that the most previous treasure of a company is its employees.


Excellence can be translated by our will to provide the best service possible and to constantly try to improve ourselves. We offer a real expertise to our clients in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding needs of consumers.

Wynd's story


2014/2015 :
- Restauration and food retail industries
- 20 experts ; 4 clients ; 100+ features
- Fundraising of 8,8 M€ in seed and series A from Business Angels, Orange Digital Ventures and Alven Capital


2016 :
Solution Deployment 
- Opening to the industries of services, specialized retail and luxury & fashion
-  40 experts ; 10 clients ; 500+ features
- Fundraising of 30 M€ from Sodexo Ventures and Orange Digital Ventures


- Opening to the retail property industry (malls...)
- Strategic partnerships with HP and Intel
-  80 experts ; 20+ clients ; 1000+ features


- Launch of several subsidiaries: Dubaï, Thaïland and Morocco
- Structuring of a partner networks in France and all over the world
- Strategic partnership with Microsoft
-  150 experts ; 40+ clients ; 2000+ features


- Deployment of AI within the heart of our solution
- Launch of the subsidiary in Spain
- 200 experts; 80+ clients; 3500+ features
- Fundraising of 72 M€ from Natixis, Sofina, Sodexo Ventures and BNF Capital